Eat less to live longer, even look younger

French researchers have discovered that mouse lemurs on a diet with daily calories cut by nearly a third lived longer than the same primates on a regular diet.

Lemurs eating less live longer, and even look younger

Several studies have suggested that long-term calorie restriction can extend lifespan and slow age-related chronic diseases in a variety of animals in the lab, including rats,mice, fish and worms.

Now, French researchers conducting a 10-year experiment have recorded a significant increase in the lifespan of grey mouse lemurs that had their calorie intake moderately reduced, starting in early adulthood.

They began the study in 2006, giving one group of 15 males a “standard” daily diet. Nineteen other males were fed the same food, with 30 per cent fewer calories.

Researchers at the National Centre for Scientific Research and the French National Museum of Natural History, worked in partnership with other French teams to study the animals’ longevity, age-related pathologies, cognitive abilities, motor skills and brain matter atrophy.  Read More…

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