Age Reversal: From hormones to telomeres

Age Reversal: Improve the Quality of Your Life, Extend your Life From hormones to telomeres, our ever-elusive quest to lengthen the human life span is closer now than it has ever been before. This book highlights and discusses the importance of choosing hormone replacement therapy to improve the quality of your life, helping to extend … Read more

Aging Backwards: Reverse the Aging Process and Look 10 Years Younger in 30 Minutes a Day

Aging Backwards:  an eye-opening guide to anti-aging that provides essential tools to help anyone turn back the clock and look and feel younger no matter what age. PBS fitness personality on Classical Stretch and creator of the fitness phenomenon Essentrics, Miranda Esmonde-White offers an eye-opening guide to anti-aging that provides essential tools to help anyone … Read more

The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study

The Longevity Project: “An extraordinary eighty-year study has led to some unexpected discoveries about long life.” –O, The Oprah Magazine For years we have been told to obsessively monitor when we’re angry, what we eat, how much we worry, and how often we go to the gym. So why isn’t everyone healthy? Drawing from the … Read more

Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of Ways to Live to Be 100

Secrets of Longevity is full of surprising, all-natural ideas for living a happier, longer, healthier life. As a 38th-generation doctor specializing in longevity, Dr. Mao (as he is known to his patients) knows the answers €”and they a€™re surprisingly simple and powerful. It’€™s amazing how a little honey in your tea can aid internal healing. … Read more

The Longevity Code: Secrets to Living Well for Longer from the Front Lines of Science

A leading proponent of a bold new approach to slowing aging details the fast-developing science of longevity and the steps we can take at any age to live well for longer We all know that we age—but do you know exactly how, and why? And do you wonder what you can do—whatever your age—to slow … Read more

The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time

The Longevity Book explores what history biology neuroscience and the women s health movement can teach us about maintaining optimal health Cameron Diaz follows up her 1 New York Times bestseller The Body Book with The Longevity Book, a personal practical and authoritative guide that examines the art and science of growing older and offers … Read more

The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cells

The Longevity Diet: An internationally renowned, clinically tested, revolutionary diet program to lose weight, fight disease, and live a longer, healthier life. Can what you eat determine how long, and how well, you live? The clinically proven answer is yes, and The Longevity Diet is easier to follow than you’d think. The culmination of 25 years of … Read more