Dr. Whitaker’s Vision Essentials with (20 mg) of Lutein and Black Currant Plus 16 Powerful Nutrients for Total Eye Health, 120 Capsules (30-Day Supply)


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  • 17 POWERFUL NUTRIENTS, INCLUDING 20 MG LUTEIN to support the health of your retina, lens, and macula from harmful free radicals
  • SUPPORT FOR LIGHT ADAPTATION UNDER LOW-LIGHT CONDITIONS and protection from harmful wavelengths of light from laptops, TVs, and more
  • 2 MG ZEAXANTHIN TO HELP MAINTAIN THE HEALTH OF YOUR LENSES, photoreceptors, and retinal lining plus 300 mg berry vision complex for super antioxidant support
  • DEVELOPED BY JULIAN WHITAKER, MD, PIONEER OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, helping people improve their quality of life
  • DISTRIBUTED BY HEALTHY DIRECTIONS, known for its stringent quality control measures and Triple Testing Philosophy that have led to a spotless safety record for more than 20 years
Dr. Whitaker’s original Vision Essentials formula delivers 17 powerful ingredients, including 20 mg of lutein, to support outstanding eye health. Numerous studies, at multiple dosages suggest that lutein is effective at supporting eye health by helping to shield your retina, lens, and macula from harmful free-radicals. Your retina and macula are vital to seeing clear, sharp images and perceiving colors, but the amount of lutein in your eyes naturally depletes with age. This is why supplementing with lutein is important to maintain the health of your eyes. Vision Essentials also provides a robust Berry Vision Complex, a combination of black currant, bilberry, goji and maqui berries to give you super antioxidant firepower. Bilberry, rich in anthocyanosides, supports microcirculation and protects against free-radicals that bombard your eyes. Black currant is important for eye health because the anthocyanins are water-soluble and can be incorporated into the aqueous humor – the watery substance that fills the space between the lens and the cornea. The maqui berry is a super fruit known for its brilliant purple color, attributed to its anthocyanin content. And the nutrient-dense goji berry brings naturally occurring carotenoids and a whole a host of concentrated antioxidant benefits. Zeaxanthin is a necessary nutrient that helps maintain the health of your lenses, photoreceptors, and retinal lining. Similar to lutein, zeaxanthin is found in the macula area of the retina and tends to deplete as you age, so it’s important to supplement with adequate amounts. With Vision Essentials you get a full 2 mg of zeaxanthin. You also get reduced glutathione, taurine, N-acetyl L-cysteine, eyebright, and vitamin C along with 6 other eye health supportive ingredients. This unique combination of 17 ingredients helps to shield delicate eye cells from oxidative stress caused by harmful wavelengths of light and support overall eye health.

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